Use of the DIBR-Grey EDAS Model of MCDM to the Selection of a Combat Unmanned Ground Platform


  • Marko Radovanović Military academy, University of Defense, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Darko Božanić Military Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Aleksandar Petrovski Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” Skopje, University “Goce Delchev” Shtip, North Macedonia
  • Aleksandar Milić Military Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Defining Interrelationships Between Ranked criteria (DIBR), Evaluation based on Distance from Average Solution (EDAS), grey number, unmanned ground platform, MCDM


The paper presents a hybrid model of choosing a combat unmanned ground platform using the DIBR and grey – EDAS (G-EDAS) method. This model has been tested and confirmed on a case study in which combat unmanned platforms for the needs of the military were optimized. The criteria were defined, and then the DIBR method was used to determine the severity of the criteria. The ranking and selection of the most favorable alternative (combat unmanned ground platform) was carried out using the G-EDAS method. An analysis of the sensitivity of the proposed model was performed depending on the change in the weighting coefficients of the criteria. The proposed model has proven to be stable and is a reliable tool for the decision maker when choosing.


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